Above; "Afterglow", The Moleskine Project IV
A group show
April 4th – April 25th

Info for purchase:
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Hashimoto Contemporary, 804 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 | 415-655-9265

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Moleskine Project IV – a collective sketchbook exhibit co-curated by Sydney-based artist Rod Luff and gallery director Ken Harman. An annual group show, The Moleskine Project takes new form within the walls of Hashimoto Contemporary, consisting of over 70 artists from around the world producing artwork on blank Moleskine sketchbooks. This month’s exhibition celebrates these makers and their practices, each stemming from different creative backgrounds in film, fine art, comics, illustration, animation and more.

In the words of co-curator Rod Luff, “The ubiquitous sketchbook is a common ground through which a visual dialogue is exchanged from page to page, forming a colorful language of imagery and experimental use of media throughout the exhibition. In experiencing the multitude of personal realms depicted by the artists, we are drawn to appreciate the seemingly infinite range of creative possibilities that exist within the omnipresent blank page. This show is a tribute to the power of sketchbooks to influence and inform others as well as ourselves.”

Featured Artists: Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell, Albert Ramos, Allen Williams, Andrew Hem, Andy Espinoza, Brian Viveros, Cannon Dill, Casey Weldon, Chamo San, Christine Wu, Craww, DALeast, Damian Chavez, Dorian Vallejo, Frank Gonzales, Graham Curran, Greg Gandy, Helice Wen, Henrik Uldalen, J.A.W. Cooper, Jayde Fish, Jean Labourdette, Jean-Paul Mallozzi, Jeremy Enecio, Jeremy Hush, Jeremy Mann, Jessica Hess, Joanne Nam Joel Daniel Phillips, John Wentz, Justin Coro Kaufman, Karla Ortiz, Kate Zambrano, Kemp Remillard, Kim Cogan, Lucy Hardie, Luke Chueh, Martine Johanna, Matt Ritchie, Mike Sutfin, Miles Johnston, Minka Sicklinger, N.C. Winters, Nate Van Dyke, Nimit Malavia Ozabu, Paul Romano, Peter Chan, Randy Ortiz, Rebecca Adams, Redd Walitzki, Reiner Gamboa, Rod Luff, Ryan Lee, Ryan Malley, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Saner, Sarah Joncas Seonna Hong, Sergio Lopez, Shawn Barber, So Youn Lee, Stella Im Hultberg, Sylvia Ji, Tran Nguyen, Travis Louie, Valentin Fischer, Ville Ericsson, Von, Zach Oldenkamp

Join us for Moleskine Project IV, opening Saturday, April 4th, with an opening night reception from 6pm-10pm. The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, April 25th..