Solo Exhibition
Spoke Art
San Francisco, USA

In this first solo exhibition of Martine Johanna at Spoke art, San Francisco, the artist explores movement and momentum as a still narrative to express complex emotional situations. The artist chose dance as inspiration because of her inability to process and express a whirlwind of contradictory emotions in her personal life.

The first evidence of dance dated 3300 years BC. It is speculated that before the invention of written languages, around 3400 years BC, dance was an important part of the oral and visual methods of passing stories down from generation to generation. In these works the artist explores that language and used within her own methods frozen motion as a her own ultimate narrative in the moment, like a story in one phrase, one expression in a solitude of space.

For the artist this fundamental ritual is a conduit to convey and process emotions of different autobiographical life events without using words and without revealing her own literal narrative, so the viewer has room for their own interpretations. These movements are even more explored and resolved by addressing the composition of the works themselves, where the bold shapes in specific textures or color are an impromptu abstraction of the artist emotional process. Resulting in a disrupting yet harmonious discourse. To the artist this conflict can be ultimatly manifested by a movement or gesture of the body and expression frozen in time in play with abstract compositions.

Featured works: 

Solo Exhibition
Bright Side Gallery
Amsterdam, NL

Happy Days refers to the American television series that was created and aired between 1974 and 1984, portraying an idealized version of American society from the fifties. Within the vision of a picture perfect society, with a hidden turbulence just beneath the surface, the artist draws parallels with current times. Where for instance in (social) media the self involved influencer is a modern day guru; representing problematic unrealistic ideals whilst creating a superficial distraction from ever expanding catastrophes.

The artist has her personas covered and drowning in glamourous oceans of resque blankets. Subjects are literally glossed over almost like cake glazing and transformed into poetic paintings; being an exhibitionist from your own home, burning palmtrees in soft architectural environments, being soothed with gratifying elements, little glitter hearts and stars encased in some of the works and inviting hard pastel color scemes, smilies and glazed over finishes that seduce and distract from moral implications.

Featured works: 

Duo Exhibition
Massey Lyuben Gallery
NewYork, USA

Format Neon is a duo show with Eric Helvie. Participating with 4 works in a neon like atmosphere, breathing escapism. Female figures crowd the compositions and occupy the majority of the space. They hold celebrated objects of escape - a sweet, smiling lollipop, a melting ice cream cone, exploding confetti - yet gaze distractedly into an imagined future.
(pre concept for Happy Days solo)

Featured works: