Solo exhibition
Massey Klein Gallery
New York, USA

The exhibition Life is but a dream, is like a manifestation of a fever dream; Disrupting pastoral settings with inclusions of modernist buildings, adding a complex layer to the dense and intricate fantasy world created by the artist. Architectural elements and disintegrating landscapes set a stage for this mysterious narrative that is both celebratory and ominous. Characters silently stand their ground, float or huddle amidst disaster, both natural and man-made. These figures almost have an alien like quality, they seem unnatural, detached, sometimes even angelic, like celestial beings being watched across the great pond of space. The drawings are a draft for the paintings, and show slight differences with the final works, like a parralel universe.

Featured works:

Solo exhibition
KochXBos Gallery
Amsterdam, NL

The loss of the artists parents made her question her life motivations; Who do you become when the people that you seek validation from all your life, disappear? “In an overwhelming feeling of mourning I drew a rough shape blindly on a blank digital page, when I opened my eyes a large threatening abstract mass had appeared. I used this shape in different angles in each work in a slightly different way, sometimes big and intact, sometimes cut up.” These shapes symbolize an obstruction between the artist and her creativity, disrupting the composition and become a dynamic part of the work. “It felt like the manifestation of grief and the relationship with all aspects of myself that I find unpleasant.” 

*Dark Matter as a title is chosen both in philosophical context as in literal context and a reference to science. Since 25% of matter is dark matter, it absorbs light and has no energy and is therefor undetectable. In a sense the methaphorical ‘dark matter’ in human lives has similar features. The struggle to balance out darker times and morphing it into constructive positivity for the future is a recognizable and recurring element in society that causes us to dream of better times. In this light the artist widens these aspects to other female protagonists facing mental obstacles whilst trying to maintain composure. 

Featured works: