Martine Johanna
artist, enfant terrible

US / 2020 / MASSEYKLEIN / solo
Opening September 11 2020 
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From Balancing Act...

A fraught relationship with the self

The women in this latest show are trying to uncomfortably conform to how they want to be perceived, so much so that even their surroundings are starting to adapt to their uneasiness. So we see chairs with many legs intertwined, rooms that are deforming, fragmented, uncomfortable poses and scenes that seem to deny and avoid reality. Heads are soaked in rainbow clouds, staring off into the distance, trying to remain carrying mental weight like a featherlight swirled bowling ball. Desperately trying to stay sexy and magical while the world is burning.

It is a balance between perception and reality, between self-image and how we want to be perceived. Often trying to fit a mold that seems appropriate to the current flow of things. As women we all echo our relationships internally, the relationship with our mothers is one that is specifically influential. It is that moral voice that echoes through
time and rears its head at times when we are most critical of ourselves. Even when mothers have long since gone the voices are still present from generation to generation.

Our self-awareness is led by the exterior, how we look, how we behave, how impactful we are to our surroundings. Intellectual expectations of females are lower, over-all criticism is higher. We fight to fit all these roles; the prettiest, smartest, wokest, healthiest, strongest, toughest, best mothers, sexiest, the best friend, the most youthful, to the point where mentally it all comes crashing down. At one point it becomes such a metal strain to live up to impossible ideals that it is hard to know which persona is real and we become a collaged facade of the different ideals we strive to be, covering the realistic personality inside; The woman that hides her secrets and shortcomings, disappointed in herself for not being able to be a supernatural entity.