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Dark Matter


NL / 2018 / KOCHXBOS

From Solace of Grief

           Who do you become when the people that you seek validation from, suddenly disappear? Having to find the right motivation within, seeking ones own affirmation. Leave regret and sorrow behind. Large, threatening abstract shapes of darkness appear that reoccur in each work in a slightly different way. “As a child I made friends with the shadows in my room, today, in a similar manner, I enter a relationship with all aspects of myself that I find unpleasant.” These forms create a positive dialogue with the introspective (child) woman and her experiences in swirling complex color masses.
           Matter needs space made out of dark matter 25% of matter is dark matter, it absorbs light and has no energy and is therefor undetectable. In a sense all dark matter in human lives has parallel features. The struggle to balance out darker times and morphing it into constructive positivity for the future is a recognizable and recurring element in society that causes us to look beyond.

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