Where did you receive your training?

I've studied art at the academy of arts in Arnhem, Holland, however, that study was more fashion oriented. I just started out a couple of years back, so my techniques are self taught, which is both a strength and a struggle.

Who are the figures in your work. Are they people you know or fictional characters?

My models are friends and people I know and admire or find interesting, sometimes though I mess up the faces and mix up features that then start to resemble non exhisting people or known ones. I do that sometimes when I have dreamt something strange like filmstills of a mix of images I've seen that I try to catch on canvas. I guess that familiarity is what people sometimes look for, something they recognize themselves, friends or famous people, it's an interesting side effect.

The figures are often depicted in a pensive, dream-like state. What emotions or moods do you strive to communicate through your work?

There is so much more behind a persons facade, there is a history of experiences, thoughts, trauma maybe, hurt, love and imagination. I have my personal struggles and ideals to draw from as well as humanity in general. People are so interesting, their social structures, relationships and behavior epecially in the early years and young adulthood. Mankind make up rules to have ourselves measured by in certain times, but that's all they are, made up, made up by morals, politics, angst, ideals, time, it's a wondrous well of inspiration. Also to me it's a process of personal reflection, unravelling and honoring those complex social and mental structures, making me both observer and participant.

The colour in your recent work is stunning. Where do you get inspiration for your palette?

I am drawn by colors like a kid who sees their own first rainbow, flower or physical toy. Besides that color also is a manifestation of the above, a trigger or expression of mental states. In that sense it helps me convey the complexity of my subject matter, there are no grey's or blacks in my work.

Who are your favourite living artists?

Ouf..many, what mostly triggers me is people doing their own thing, not the copycats. Also it's not a direct influence on what I make, but more an influence of spirit so to say. People that have a loving obsession for their work and a drive to put something genuine out there and have something strongly connected to this day and age. I can't name them all, but if I can name a few that stood out lately it's people like painter Janine van Oene, Justin Mortimer, Emilio Villalba, Ulf Puder, Alex the Beck, Brent Wadden and more recently I have to say Jean Paul Mallozzi, his work is so radient and sensitive. I could write out a whole list though and just mentioning names doest quite do them justice either.

How would you say your early work was different from your current pieces?

I used to draw a lot and paint rarely, so that's a major difference, also my earlier paintings were very quick and raw and I was not yet fully aware of how to express myself like I did in my drawing. In 2014 though, I realized you need to spend time and prolonged energy into several works at once or in a series to really get a feel for the material and what you want to express and how to express it. Still though, I'm alway's grasping for what is out of reach, technically and mentally always obsessivly attracted to the unobtainable images in my head. That thing that people sometimes say, "you're very talented" can get on my nerves; I might have been born with something that helps me steer my hand and make a translation from what's in my head. But without the hard work and tiresless effort, none of the good artist I know would be where they are today. It's work, and time spend.

What was an essential moment for progressing your career and beginning to exhibit your work internationally?

I can't really say which exact moment, it all goes very organically, but internet is a big helper in getting exposure and be seen. I was lucky till now to have very wondeful and professional people contact me through that exposure that fell for what I have to say because they feel it has presence and urgency. What more can I ask for.