Martine Johanna
“The Dark House Of Gloria”, Hashimoto Contemporary San Francisco 

Life Is But A Dream


From A vision quest

            A billion years have gone into the making of our world; earth, water and sky are lit by the vapors of the sun. Mankind manipulates the lands daily and nightly while we’re being watched across the great pond of space.
Architectural elements and disintegrating landscapes set a stage for a mysterious narrative that is both celebratory and ominous. Characters silently stand their ground, amidst disaster, both natural and man-made.

            Disrupting pastoral settings with inclusions of International Style buildings, adding a complex layer to the dense and intricate fantasy worlds. In past works, airy and ambiguous environments, her characters floating, gazing, and huddling in emptiness. The most recent works featured in Life is but a dream, recall the presence of early drawings where rich textures and plant life engulf the figure.