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From Studies on the realm of night

           Inspired by our relationship with the nocturnal hours on multiple levels, up to the interpretation of the artist. Inspired by it’s presence, the senses, the meaning, it’s seduction, it’s fascination, the stillness or vastness.
The night is an inspiration for many that affiliate with artistic movements and expressions. The shadow of night caused by earth’s sphere blocking the light of the sun is called the darkness of night. The only nocturnal natural lighting is provided by a combination of moonlight, planetary light, starlight, diffuse zodiacal light, sky glow and sunlight scattered by interplanetary dust, bioluminescence, lightning and aurorae borealis.
        "Night" often relates to the negative and bad; For example, "it is night in someone's life" when a person is going through a difficult or dark period. Also Christianity and other religions see the "night" as the terrain of evil, sin and the devil. But Like Robert Louis Stevenson mentioned in Rubinstein; "there is a romance about all those who are abroad in the black hours." The night elicits seduction; the nocturnal within us awakens that which does not tolerate daylight. With the darkness comes a sense of touch and taste, curiosity grows, imagination growls and kisses the shadows.
            *The night is shrouded in mystery, the night magical and mystical, the night out in the open, cool and endless, the night full of secrets and stories. The night shows no colors, but knows about depths and disappearances. We want to be in the night in the depths of our souls, but lock ourselves in rooms up high and safe in our beds. We seek shelter from the night, the night that is so clear and honest and conceals so much. The night that equals darkness, darkness and blackness so deeply imprinted in us as a watchful time, while close our eyes before it... 

*Exerpt from Martine Johanna Nyctophiliac 2015

exhibiting artists:
Martine Johanna (curator)
Amelia Bauer
Łukasz Biederman
Iris Donker
Hans van Bentem
Leanne Eisen
Joris van Egmond
Anke Feuchtenberger
Wouter van der Laan
Jen Mann
Ilse Vermeulen
Alex de Witte