Martine Johanna
“The Dark House Of Gloria”, Hashimoto Contemporary San Francisco 

The Grand Illusion of Sanity


From The Grand Illusion of Hysteria

            Dealing with persistent prejudices about the female mental state. There is still a strong social tendency to label women as "hysterical" or inappropriate once her natural behavior conflicts with the patriarchal standard. A denial of the right of being outspoken as a girl and now as a woman.

As a young woman growing up this awoke in me a strong sense of alienation from the world around me. Why did I not fit into the mold of society? I was drawn to the unobtainable ideal while simultaneously wanting to, fatalistically, bathe in attention.

Manifesting this overwhelming desire for mental and physical freedom internally caused harmful conflict with the external world. I imagined the impossible and fantasized about an ecstatic escape. This dream remains within the illusion, the expansion of desires and imagination.